Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!

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Learning Resources Pan Balance

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SmartMax Start XL (Basic 42)

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Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Pad

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SmartMax Basic Stunt

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LEGO Education DUPLO Early Simple Machines III Set 4517242

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STEM toys are the foundation of progress and innovation. These same fields will be the foundation of jobs and careers of the future. Computers are proliferating as tools in every field of human endeavor. Science and mathematics are now widely used in planning and statistical analysis giving us new answers in medicine, ecology, energy and commerce where none existed before. World dependence on digital technology is growing exponentially, and with it is the need for competent science and technology professionals.

Research has shown learning through playing and having fun has proven to accelerate a child's creativity and imagination. STEM toys foster imaginative play and allow children to explore social roles, situations. Toys that encourage this are more important today than ever before. Learning toys help to promote hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills and the wonders of how things work and grow. If you want your child to learn while having fun, then you need to provide great STEM toys. Shop now at our store for wonderful options!